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Testimonials for Rachel DeCamp, Brevard County, Florida Real Estate Agent

Just wanted to tell you thank you for taking care of my dads condo and the people you put in for me. I'm glad you found someone. Thanks for all you do! Thank You" 
 ~ Candy Holmes-Client

 "Thank You so much for sending someone right out to fix my door. You have been wonderful in all your efforts to make it a home"
 ~ Emily-Renter

 "Thanks Rachel for such a speedy response.I truly enjoyed our brief conversation today. You already have given me so much helpful information, I am so grateful. I also felt an authenticity from you that make me comfortable, and gives me the impression that you are trustworthy. Again, huge for us as we are trying to navigate our relocation from a distance. This is the first time we have had to relocate, and expect that it will be the only. I believe that working with you will make this process so much more enjoyable for us all. Thanks"
 ~ Michelle Beitelman-Relocation Client 

 "Rachel has been managing my 2 Cocoa beach Properties for over 6 years, and her dedication to client services, knowledge, and experience have made all the differences. I live out of country and trust her implicitly. She does a great job locating and screening new tenants, and resolves issues quickly and fairly....5 Stars!" 
 ~ Jay Quisenberry-Owner 

"I wanted to thank Rachel for her continued hard work and excellenet screening techniques.  I have had rental property managed by another property management company 5 years ago, and was not satisfied. My neighbor told me about Rachel DeCamp, so I called and immediately I knew she was the one for me.....Good work!" 
 ~ William Curtain-Rental investor

"Thanks Rachel! When I first got the bug to buy a house I thought it might be a bit of a learning curve. I interviewed a half dozen agents, Rachel came out on top. I have been more than pleased with her honesty and diligents. I've now bought my second property and have Rachel to thank for all her assistance.
~ B. Turner - Homeowner

From: Radich, J (GSFC-3830)

Sent: Monday, December 14, 2015 12:02 PM

Subject: Appreciation for the exceptional support of Ms. Rachel DeCamp

Importance: High 

Hello Karen,

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the exceptional support of Ms. Rachel DeCamp.

My wife Marlene and I closed on a home in the Savannahs on Merritt Island on Oct. 29th, and on the 28th, we had the pleasure of meeting Rachel for the first time. While we had been exchanging emails for several weeks, we weren’t planning on traveling to Florida from Maryland until the closing took place. Yet even before our meeting when we were still trying to determine who would handle the very important work of property management for us, we were leaning heavily towards Rachel. After we met Rachel, it was an easy decision. 

Prior to the meeting, we had been discussing property management with our Realtor. They assured us that they were very well-versed in that side of the business, and that may have been enough if Marlene hadn’t suggested that we at least look at other professionals. I stress the word “professionals” since that is what differentiates you from your competitors. Your website, coupled with emails from Rachel, helped us understand that we shouldn’t take lightly how important it was to get the right property management team on-board with taking care of our new home. After seeing what Rachel provided, versus what our Realtor “said that they would do” (we couldn’t find any formal, documented work on their part to show that they understand property management), it was a clear choice to go with Rachel. After meeting Rachel and seeing her attention to both the walk-through, as well as all the questions we asked, again, it was an easy choice. Within one week of closing on our home, we already had the home listed, and within a week of that, Rachel had found us some very solid tenants. The background checks were extensive, and left us very confident in the work that Rachel and Rachel had done with regards to our home. Communications between us are always prompt, courteous and professional. Bottom line? We couldn’t be more pleased with Rachel's wonderful support! 

Please accept our sincere appreciation for your work at Rachel, as well as our compliments to both you and your team. And of course, please accept our appreciation for the exceptional support of Ms. Rachel DeCamp! 

The very best regards, 
Joe Radich DSc. 
The James Webb Space Telescope 
Chief Safety and Mission Assurance Officer 
Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate 

Rachel DeCamp

Director of Property Management, Realtor®, LCAM Property Manager

CEU Rental Core Law

Member in Good Standing - Space Coast Realtors Assn.

Notary Public

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